Darkstore Launches Premium Delivery App FastAF in New York City, Bringing Essentials and DTC Brands to Your Doorstep in Two Hours

The pandemic has accelerated buying behavior online — with cases on the rise and a long winter season ahead, FastAF is there to deliver your essentials in a safe and fast way

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today Darkstore, Inc. launches FastAF in New York City, the irreverently named digital shop that enables the discovery of the hottest products from premium direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies as well as local brands and has them delivered to consumers’ doorsteps in two hours. FastAF leverages dark stores which are micro-fulfillment centers strategically placed throughout cities to deliver in-demand products to people in New York City and Los Angeles. In the future, FastAF will deliver to every neighborhood in the country.

Through a network of dark stores, FastAF is able to deliver the world’s products to consumers better, faster. The service enables DTC brands to develop a passionate local following and robust presence without having a physical storefront.

FastAF is primed to become the go-to shop for getting essentials, last-minute gifts, must-have self-care treats for consumers to pets, and everything in between. The service offers incredibly fast distribution with a two-hour delivery window of products from national brands like; Nike, Aesop, and Sonos to your premium direct-to-consumer brands such as; Glossier, Public Goods, and Byredo. This unprecedented access to Gen Z and mobile-first shoppers provides an elevated user experience for 1000s of products and more than 350 brands.

“We felt strongly that there wasn’t a platform that met the needs of today’s customer who values speed and also the brands they buy, and the needs of the premium brands of today to access customers in this way, and FastAF is now this platform,” said founder and CEO Lee Hnetinka. “FastAF is paving the way for DTC brands to be discovered and develop a passionate local following by enabling them to have access to 2-hour delivery in a way that matches their brand affinity.”

From a selection of highly coveted deodorant brands to your celebrity favorite hair care products and the latest masks and hand sanitizers, FastAF strives to offer the most highly curated selection of DTC brands. FastAF employs a team of curators whose job is to find the brands consumers are loving now and discover brands before anyone else.

The FastAF app is available now on iOS. Instead of going to several sites to find the products you want, with multiple checkout pages and days of waiting for the products you love, customers can now go straight to a single app and get those products within a few hours from tap to purchase. FastAF also thinks returns should be as easy as you buy your products. We have rolled out the most convenient return experience in the world, with a courier picking up your return from your doorstep, within hours, in the window of your choice.

FastAF’s goal is to provide the best in class delivery service in the safest and most convenient way as we ride out the winter months and to be there for customers in the post-pandemic world, where we know consumer buying behavior will have shifted forever.

FastAF and Darkstore

Headquartered in San Francisco, Darkstore and FastAF’s mission is to discover and deliver the world’s products to you better, faster. Your new local shop brings the essentials you can’t live without to your doorstep in less than two hours. We believe there can be a better shopping experience, and we’re reimagining what retail looks like by bringing the brands everyone wants to a Darkstore in every neighborhood. Darkstore is backed by investors including Cota Capital, EQT Ventures, Pivot North, R/GA Ventures and Village Global. For more information, please visit


Sara Zick

The Hatch Agency

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