Cactus Launches Mindfulness App for People Who Don’t Like Meditation

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Meditation is growing in popularity, but most Americans say they don’t like it. This year, an estimated 83 million people are trying meditation for various health benefits, including stress-reduction, but many are finding it’s not for them. That’s why Cactus is launching an app for people who want the benefits of mindfulness, but don’t want to meditate.

“It can take years of consistent meditation to see results. Emptying your mind and focusing on the breath is hard. After trying every app, we figured there must be a better way,” said Ryan Brown, CEO of Cactus. “Working with a positive psychology expert, we developed a practice with similar benefits in an engaging app.”

Cactus sends you a personalized question every day, prompting you to consider what really matters to you and write it down. With personality assessments and research-backed prompts, Cactus provides immediate feedback on your progress while visualizing what contributes to your satisfaction, helping you make better decisions and live a more fulfilling life. Cactus is free to use, and you can upgrade for personalized questions and detailed insights.

Stress is an urgent problem: one in five Americans has anxiety and another one in five has depression. Between 70-90% of all primary care doctor visits are stress-related. As many look hopefully for a solution, the number of meditating Americans has grown 29% annually since 2012. Dozens of apps have launched to meet the interest, but there’s evidence meditation isn’t for everyone.

“Cactus is made for people who don’t like meditation,” said Brown. “It appeals to the millions of people who tried meditation, didn’t like it, and are looking for something else.”

Reviews from early Cactus users

“Cactus puts me in the right frame of mind and reminds me I’m focused and living with intention.” – Cynthia F.

“I look forward to your prompts each day, they are thoughtful and genuine. It’s helping me.” – Katie R.

“What can I say? Cactus got me back into mindfulness.” – Brent F.

About Cactus

Cactus is the mindfulness app for people who don’t like meditation. It offers similar health benefits as meditation in a practice that is more engaging, shows your progress over time, and is personalized to you. Cactus is available on iOS, Android, and on the web at


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