Largest Millionaire Dating Site Millionaire Match Answers the Question “Are Millionaires too Busy to Have a Pet?”

Millionaire Match recently surveyed authentic millionaires asking if they have a pet or plan on one in the future. They compared these results to those on non-millionaires and shared them with the community.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pets are a huge part of many people’s lives, often as important, or close to family, loved ones, and close friends. This has caused the question to rise about those who are exceptionally financially abundant, millionaires and above, and how they feel about having a pet or pet themselves. Looking for a solid answer to this question, the serious, largest, and world’s first authentic millionaire dating website, Millionaire Match, recently completed a survey of millionaires, asking the question “Are Millionaires too Busy to Have a Pet?”. The dating platform then compared the answers to those given by non-millionaires, interested in dating them, to see the difference – if there were any.

“We are always interested in exploring interesting and fun things regarding the millionaire mindset and lifestyle that could help our members make connections with compatible partners,” stated Johnny Du, the Chief Operating Officer of Millionaire Match. “To qualify to answer the survey, like to register on our site as a millionaires, a member needs to show us they make $200,000 or more a year. Millionaire Match is for true millionaires and those who want to date them, not people playing games.”

According to Millionaire Match, just over 55% of millionaires already happily have pets. This is followed by 34% who don’t have pets, but who would like to have a pet. Close to 11% prefer not to have a pet, with less than 1% not having a preference at all. So in total, this leaves roughly nine out of ten millionaires being pet friendly. Something which clearly shows that financial abundance does not separate someone from the unconditional love a dog or cat brings into a pet guardian’s life.

As for non-millionaires surveyed, the results were remarkably close to identical. All of the percentage points were within 3% of the millionaires results, which points to the close compatibility of users of the site on this very important lifestyle issue.

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