Marijuana Survey Shows Boomers Embracing Cannabis & CBD According to Aging Expert, Lisa Cini

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With 9 in 10 Americans favoring legalization of Marijuana for recreation or medicinal purposes and New York weeks away from a decision, aging expert Lisa Cini shares details of marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) usage among the 11,000+ boomers who responded to her marijuana survey and answered a variety of questions on marijuana consumption, opinion, and usage.

“I’m not surprised that 83% of the respondents are using some form of cannabis for recreational and medical reasons. 66% partake daily and believe that marijuana and/or CBD use is an important component of their lives,” says Lisa Cini, senior living expert and author of BOOM: The Baby Boomers Guide to Leveraging Technology, so that you can Preserve Your Independent Lifestyle & Thrive.Don’t forget that much of the boomer generation grew up smoking weed. Some never stopped, resumed in retirement, or when they were no longer raising children. Because the aging process is unforgiving as it relates to pain, seniors are finding relief from achy bones and joints, arthritis, sleeplessness, and many other ailments, proving that there’s a great deal more to marijuana than just getting high, especially for those battling health and comfort challenges.”

Seniors are using weed in any number of ways, from smoking to baking and preparing full meals with cannabutter for many perceived health benefits including relief from insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, muscle tension, arthritis, and migraines in addition to getting high.

For those who desire CBD without THC, popular brands like vitafusion™ now offer gummy vitamins with full spectrum hemp extract and natural phytocannabinoids (225mg & 10mg CBD per gummy), Blissful Sleep with 5mg Melatonin (300mg with 10mg CBD per gummy) to induce sleep, and Chillaxed Mood with natural phytocannabinoids & 10mg L-Theanine (300 mg & 10mg CBD per gummy) to promote calm mental alertness, in contrast to the restless energy sometimes produced by caffeine. CBD creams and other skin care products are touted for anti-aging and appeal to boomers. CBD Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells, was voted #1 Best Anti-Aging CBD Skin Cream in 2019 and for those with sensitive skin, Abinoid Botanicals Face Serum – Blue Chamomile & Hemp was voted #2 best hemp cream.

“Marijuana and CBD use is a reality that can no longer be ignored, as it’s very much a part of the daily lives of so many,” adds Cini. “It’s time to mainstream senior-friendly tools for using marijuana, and consider implications for designing seniors’ living spaces, or help those marijuana-using seniors living in multi-generational homes to partake in designated ways and areas as not to offend family members who don’t use, including children and grandchildren.”

Lisa Cini is an award-winning senior living designer, President / CEO, Mosaic Design Studio and author of BOOM: The Baby Boomers Guide to Leveraging Technology, so that you can Preserve Your Independent Lifestyle & Thrive, The Future is Here: Senior Living Re-imagined, and Hive, which describes her family’s four generations living under the same roof in her own home. Go to to sign up for her blog. If you want to find the best tech products that help seniors Embrace Aging and Live Independently, visit


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